Corporate Program


The digital revolution has shaken up the BFSI sector, demanding a new breed of banker.

Gone are the days of siloed expertise. Today's success hinges on a unique blend:

  • Deep domain knowledge: Understanding the intricacies of banking is essential.
  • Relationship masters: Building trust and acquiring customers fuels growth.
  • Tech-savvy navigators: Familiarity with automated workflows is non-negotiable.
  • Software superheroes: Hands-on expertise in applications and data analysis unlocks potential.

SRM School of Banking steps onto the stage, perfectly aligned with these rising demands.

We've brought together a powerhouse of subject matter experts – banking veterans, skill specialists, and industry leaders. Together, they've crafted a meticulously curated bouquet of corporate programs tailor-made for your bank's unique needs.

The result? A workforce empowered to thrive in the ever-evolving BFSI landscape. With SRM School of Banking, your bank is not just keeping pace – it's leading the charge.


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Advantage SRM School of Banking

Curriculum Seamlessly Aligned with Industry

Tailored Programs to Meet Unique Needs

Seasoned Industry Experts as Faculty

A Blend of Varied Training Approaches